We design, draw and submit Fire Plans applying the fire protection regulations to comply with the South African National Standards. The part of SANS 10400 provides deemed-to-satisfy requirements for compliance with part T (Fire Protection) of the National Building Regulations.

Where a building does not comply with the legislation of the South African National Building Standards in relation to the applicable requirements, a process of reasoning, calculation and consideration of accepted analytical principles based on a combination of deductions from available information, research data, appropriate testing and service experience are used to compile a rational fire safety design.

These designs also involve a process of reasoning and calculation which may include a design based on the use of a standard or other suitable documents.

Submission of Rational Designs that will satisfy both the needs of the client and the statutory requirements of the Local Fire Department, taking full responsibility of the project management function as contemplated in Regulation A19 of the national Building Regulations.

We design fire emergency evacuation plans (FEEP) which is a written procedure and a set of detailed drawings including the action to be taken by all staff in the event of fire and the arrangements for calling the fire brigade.

The owner or occupier of designated premises must within 30 days after the premises have been designated by the Service, prepare a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan for the premises and must have it ready for inspection and approval by the Service, which plan must be in accordance with the guidelines prescribed in the Local Authority By-Laws.

The emergency evacuation plan must be revised and updated whenever the floor layout changes or whenever the Service requires revision or updating, but in any case at least every twelve months.

Services - Evacuation Plans

A fire safety audit is an examination of the premises and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are being managed with regards to fire safety.

We establish if the legislative requirements are being complied with.

After a full audit has been performed, we compile a Fire Safety Audit report indicating the findings of the fire risk assessment, including photos and advice of rectifications in all non-compliant items.

Services - Safety Audit
We draw and submit LPG plans containing a marked-up drawing or diagram which indicates the manifold, pipeline, and shut-off valve(s), and the required notes in order to obtain approval from the local Fire department complying with the SANS 10087 and relevant legislation.

Drawings on the design and construction of tanks must be submitted for approval to the Local Authority which complies with the requirements of SANS 10131 and other relevant standards.

We draw, submit and approve all above ground fuel tanks including

BTF tanks: above-ground tank, 2 200 L in volume, installed on high or low prefabricated stands
Mounded tanks: a tank that is above the ground and completely covered by earth, sand or other suitable material
Service tanks: auxiliary tank used for the storage of petroleum products and that has a capacity not exceeding 1 000 L
Skid tanks: above-ground tank on skids, 9 000 L, 14 000 L or 23 000 L in volume, which can be dragged over short distances, normally used on construction sites
Temporary installations: an Installation that is erected for short term supply purposes, that does not require permanent foundations and is not available for resale purposes, unless approved as such by the local authority
BTA tanks: tanks above-ground, horizontal storage tank, 9 000 L in volume, installed on low concrete or steel supports

Compiling of complete company/project specific health and safety management systems ensuring full compliance with the OHS Act 85 of 1993 and all relevant legal legislation.