Fire Brigade fees have gone up from the 1st of July 2016. Please see below for the updated prices:

Tariffs for rendering of Fire Safety Services: Plans, inspections, events, standby, fire water tests, rational designs, fireworks applications and hazardous substances.

Description of Service

With effect from 1 July 2016 until 30 June 2017
Total (VAT included) R
Inspection of bulk depots and issuing of registration certificates R 2 545.00
Inspection of spray booth and issuing of spray permit as well as inspection of storage, handling and use of hazardous substances, and issuing of registration certificate. R 742.00
Inspection of dangerous goods vehicle and issuing of transport permit R 742.00
Issuing of certificate of fitness for a public building R 742.00
Release of emergency incident information as contemplated in Section 2 of the Fire Brigade Service By-Laws R 128.00
Temporary registration of hazardous substances installation for special events R 56.00
Plan approval for the fire Protection Plans inclusive of a fire
Installation drawing or smoke ventilation plan per m2 or part thereof  R 3.00
with a minimum fee of  R 218.00
per building plan submitted and a maximum fee of R 24 004.00
Plan approval for tenant layouts / amendments / deviations per floor / per tenant R 364.00
Plan approval for site development including amendments (SDP) per submission R 364.00
Plan approval for hazardous substances including amendments / deviations per submission R 364.00
Rational design for a thatched roof or lapa at a residential stand / erf per submission R 437.00
Plans for temporary structures at events that includes the rational design thereof R 437.00
Cost per Office per hour or part thereof at events for standby and inspections R 291.00
Rational designs R 946.00
Fireworks display / discharge application R 437.00
General Fire Safety compliance letter / inspection request / fire water reticulation test result out of schedule / for a re-final inspection, owing to defective work or any negligence on the part of the applicant, or if it is found that the building work is not ready for the first final inspection after such an inspection has been requested: In respect of each re-inspection R 291.00
Fire water reticulation tests at street hydrants per hydrant R 291.00
Restoration of lapsed annual hazardous substance certificate R 364.00

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Download Government Gazette Nr 83

New tariffs and charges with effect 01 July 2016, as follows:

Emergency Management billing services

Rational design and building plans (including all residential occupancies):

Minimum Fee for Rational Designs and Building Plans

R 382.00
158 – 10 000 m2 R 2.42 per/m2
10 001 – 15 000 m2 R 2.14 per/m2
15 001 – 20 000 m2 R 1.26 per/m2
20 001 – 25 000 m2 R 1.90 per/m2
25 001 – 30 000 m2 R 1.76 per/m2
30 001 – 35 000 m2 R 1.65 per/m2
35 001 – 40 000 m2 R 1.52 per/m2
40 001 – 45 000m2 R 1.38 per/m2
45 001 – 50 000m2 R 1.14 per/m2
50 001 – and above R 1.01 per/m2
Site Development Plan R 283.02
Partition Layout plan per floor or tenant R 283.02


Assessment and stamping of additional sets as previously approved:

Building Plans R 714.44
Rational Designs R 1 037.74


Consultancy fees / discussions (rate per hour or part thereof):

Building Plans / Site Development Plans / Rational Designs R 431.42


Inspection fees (rate per hour or part thereof):

Building Inspections R 296.80
Warehouses / Storage of Dangerous Goods R 296.80


Submission fees to be settled on approval with effect 01 July 2016.


(i) Payment can be made at any paypoint at Council Offices, City of Joburg

(ii) Payment to be paid into Vote Number 052742016776003 (Code Application)

(iii) Or payment can be made into City of Johannesburg Bank Account – Standard Bank, Account Number 00 018 906 5, branch code 000205 Ordinary account ( The relevant vote No. MUST be added as reference number)